Upcoming Live Shows - Including Soho Theatre!

Good news, fans of my live comedy! Between now and December, I'm putting on a dizzying array of live shows:

- Firstly, at the London Horror Festival, Casual Violence will be reviving our smash hit 2013 favourite "House of Nostril" for three nights only. Goblins, muffins and cretins in abundance! Come see it at the Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington on 24th - 26th October - but if you can't make all three dates, just pick one! Tickets available from here.

- After that - on Monday 30th October, in the same venue - comes a double bill of solo shows from me: a one-off revival of my 2015 solo show JAMES HAMILTON IS SO LONELY (which I will be filming!), coupled with an **extremely** work in progress showing of JAMES HAMILTON IS SO PREGNANT, my lukewarmly anticipated and incredibly stupid sophomore show, which I will be writing this month and next. Actual real-life demon Molly Beth Morossa (of "Greywing House" fame) will also be debuting 15-20m of material from her extremely exciting THIRD SHOW as part of the same ticket. You can buy tickets for that from here.

- And finally, Casual Violence will be performing our Christmas themed existential nightmare hour "The Grot In The Grotto" for the final time as part of the Soho Theatre's Christmas programme! We'll be doing five nights in December, with the potential of maybe cramming in a few more if tickets sell well - so book now! You can buy tickets for that from here.

Do come to these shows and drink with me afterwards! They're all going to be extremely stupid and a heck of a lot of fun.

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